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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. —— Albert Einstein

Who am I

Jing Li is a MSc student in Cyber Security at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) advised by Prof. Rui Hou now. At the same time, he also worked as a student research assistant at Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IIE, CAS) & State Key Laboratory of Information Security (SKLOIS). He will become a PhD Candidate of MLSys. His research interests include Microarchitecture Security, AI accelerate and Chip Attack. This is the blog which he will post research experience, paper notes and so on. Welcome colleagues to criticize and communicate with each other.

欢迎光临,我叫李敬,江苏南通与辽宁铁岭“混血”,1997年出生的 Z 世代非典型全栈程序员。目前硕士就读于北京的中国科学院大学网络空间安全专业,在中国科学院信息工程研究所培养,机器学习系统安全方向,师从侯锐教授。我正在积极地申请欧陆/北美 PhD 或 RA 的 Position,是一名即将头秃的机器学习系统安全(MLSys & Security)博士候选研究生与相关产业创业者。本科毕业于扬州大学软件工程(NIIT)专业。本站将会记录我的日常随笔、科研报告等内容,欢迎志同道合的小伙伴联系我一起交流,也期待老师们斧正错误内容。


  • Adversarial Examples
  • MLSys Security and its HPC
  • Microarchitecture Security
  • VC Scout, Start an Undertaking (Web3 Deal Virtual Human)
  • AI for Medical imaging of Cancer


More Elementary Educations

Selected Publications

  • The Develop of Learn and Teach Online One-Stop Service Platform Based on React Native
    Jing Li, Caikou Chen, Yu Lu, Zimeng Sheng, Lei Zhu, Zhentao Sui
    Computer Knowledge and Technology, Vol.14, No.27, 2018.
    [pdf] , [cite]

  • 高校学生全貌分析信息化系统整合解决方案研究
    李敬, 陈才扣
    PEAK DATA SCIENCE, No.3, 2018.
    [pdf] , [cite]

  • 一种基于ReactNative实现的学情分析方法
    李敬, 陈才扣, 盛紫朦, 朱蕾, 陆羽, 眭镇涛
    CN Invention Patent, CN108845796B, 2021
    [pdf] , [cite]

  • 带图形用户界面的手机
    李敬, 陈才扣, 盛紫朦, 朱蕾, 陆羽, 眭镇涛
    CN Design Patent, CN305312070S, 2018
    [pdf] , [cite]

  • Software Copyright
    李敬, 扬州大学
    2018SR677225, 2018SR677229, 2018SR677243, 2018SR677257, 2018SR686223, 2018

  • A kind of one master and multiple slaves formula intelligent video monitoring apparatus
    郭志波, 张懿, 张越, 李敬, 龚张杰, 郭笑言, 薛莲
    CN Utility Model Patent, CN208241780U, 2018
    [pdf] , [cite]

  • 一种一主多从式智能视频监控装置及其控制方法
    郭志波, 张懿, 张越, 李敬, 龚张杰, 郭笑言, 薛莲
    CN Invention Patent, CN108377368A, 2018
    [pdf] , [cite]





  • [2018] National Endeavor Fellowship
  • [2020/2021/2022] UCAS Academic Scholarships
  • [2019] YZU Excellent Graudate
  • [2017] East Group (SZ300376) Fellowship
  • [2016] DongHua Testing Technology (SZ300354) Fellowship
  • [2016/2017] YZU Principal Second Prize Scholarships
  • [2021] Huawei Excellent Campus Ambassador


  • [2017] National Qualification of Computer and Software Professional, 计算机技术与软件专业技术资格
    • [2017] Senior Information System Project Manager, 高级资格 信息系统项目管理师
    • [2017] Security Support Specialist, 中级资格 信息安全工程师
    • [2019] Information System Supervisor, 中级资格 信息系统监理师
  • [2018] NISP, National Information Security Test Program, 国家信息安全水平认证, Level 2 (CISP, Certified Information Security Professional, 注册信息安全专业人员)
  • [2016] Microsoft Office Specialist
  • [2022] Microsoft AI-900
  • [2022] NVIDIA DLI Certificate

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